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Many people are asking about the Askot-Arakot-Abhiyan. In order to help them this FAQ is prepared.

Q. How can I register for this Abhiyan/Yatra/Trekking

This is not a typical trekking. If you read about past four Abhiyan then you would know that this yatra is for quest of knowledge. The Abhiyan Motto is “Know your villages, know your people”. So participation in this yatra is voluntary and no registration required for the same.

Q. How much I need to pay /Registration Fees for this yatra and to whom I need to pay.

This Abhiyan is conducted by PAHAR but there is no registration fees for the same. So you do not need to pay any thing to anyone for being the part of Askot Arakot Abhiyan.

Q. I can’t spare 45 days for the Abhiyan …can I manage for less days?

The schedule is published for the entire yatra. Some of the persons would be there for whole yatra BUT you can join the yatra at any place and leave at any place depending upon your availability.

Q. How much money needed for the entire Yatra.

As a policy one can not spend any money during the main yatra, One has to be dependent on villagers. They would provide Food,Shelter and other necessary things during the yatra. One need to ask/cajole/persuade them for the same. This is also the way of creating a link with villagers and understand how they live..what they eat. Just keep only that much amount in which you can return back from nearest motor road.

Q. What are the thing I can carry and can I use porter(s)?

You have to carry bare essential things with you and every thing must be carried by you. You can not use any porter for the same.Some of the things which are essential …good pair of shoes, rucksack, sleeping bag/blanket, water bottle, glass, some cloths (warm cloths also), rain coat/umbrella, diary/copy,pen. You can also keep hand mike, recorder, camera, some medicines also.

Q. Can I keep tents?

Ideally no as we will be residing at some school or panchayat ghar of the Village. If that too is not available then we can spend night under open sky. If on a given day, the people involved in yatra are more than a certain standard point. Then it can be divided into two parts who will be spending nights in different villages.

Q. Am I required to do some work also.

Please not that this Anhiyan is not a picnic. You should be ready to take responsibilities as and when given during the yatra. You may have to fill survey forms, interact with people or give advise on your specialised fields while interacting with people. So suppose you are a doctor, then you can give medical advice to villagers. If you are a teacher then you can give career counseling to student etc etc.

Q. I can not physically be a part of Abhiyan but I want to help. How can I?

PAHAR is an organization which runs form the voluntary help from its friends all over the world. So you can donate money,medicines, camera cards, mobile cards, battery banks, hand mike etc. For any other donation/query you can send a mail to or

NEFT Details for money Transfer.

Account Number Account Type IFSC Code Name E-Mail id
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