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  1. Steve Derne

    I’ve got my plane tickets booked and I plan to get out to Pangu by 25 May! I visited Uttarkhand in 1986, 1991, 2001, 2007 and 2011; it will be my first Askot Arakot Abhiyan. When I heard Shekhar Pathak talk about the Abhiyan at Cornell (USA) in about 2007, I was enchanted and made a note to check into it for 2014. This walk is calling me. I hope my studies of well being might add something. But even more I hope serendipity leads me somewhere interesting. Maybe I can complete the whole walk, but I’d be satisfied to get through to Uttarkashi! Great to see the maps!

    Steve Derne, Professor of Sociology, SUNY Geneseo (New York, USA)

    1. alka kaushik

      Hope to join and see my home state differently this time.

  2. Dinesh

    Since the time i got to know about the Abhiyaan, i was just thinking about it. And i think it will enrich my knowledge about Pahar more. will be at Pangu on 25th.

    Research Scholar

  3. Prabhat Khokhar

    Please provide details about the yatra like approximate cost & whom to contact, where to register.

    Prabhat kumar

  4. ran bahadur

    how can one join this yatra/abhiyan

  5. Pradeep Pant (@ppant)

    I still have memories of this abhiyan of my childhood in Pithoragarh district. I always dream to be part of this unique walk but due to time constraints unable to do till now. I know its not easy to pass these remote areas with difficult weather conditions. I may not attend this time but wish a very successful yatra. Good Luck!

  6. Raj

    Hello friends. I just want to know is there anybody going from Delhi as well? Also, as i can see that the jouney is divided into different districts. So, is it compulsary for everyone to cover the entire length of the jouney. I mean can we just cover a portion of it as I cannot get a vacation this long?Thanks.

    1. Risky Pathak

      Hi Raj

      As far as I know, Its a people’s movement to know mountains and their life. This is the trek to understand the development growth (in terms of education, health, technology, roads etc.) in last 10 years.
      There is no boundation for anyone to complete entrie length. One can join any time and leave any time.

      I will go for sure but still have not planned dates

      1. Raj

        hello risky. are you also from delhi?if yes then just do let me know when you finalize the dates..maybe we can go together…thanks

        1. Risky Pathak

          Yes. I am from Delhi. There will be lots of people from Delhi who will be going from Delhi.

          Also today evening, there is a preparatory meeting at IIC. It will be nice if you can attend that

          There is a facebook profile for this event updates.
          Please follow that: https://www.facebook.com/askotarakot.abhiyan

        2. Risky Pathak

          I have decided my dates. I am leaving on 29th from Delhi will join team at Munsyari

        3. Risky Pathak

          Hie Raj. Have you left? If Not then you can acompany me on 30th from Delhi

  7. Risky Pathak
  8. Risky Pathak

    There is a facebook profile for “Askot Aarakot Abhiyaan” https://www.facebook.com/askotarakot.abhiyan

    You can get updates there for this event

  9. Prabhat Khokhar

    Hey everyone who hasany query and is currently in Delhi; come at this venue at stipulated time today.

    //We are going to meet at the India International Centre (IIC) for an over-view of AAA 2014 on coming Friday, as per the following schedule

    Date May 02, 2014 (Friday)

    Time 06:00-08:00 PM

    Venue Conference Room – 1 (Above Library) Main building

    Agenda 18:00 Hr – Registration for participation

    18:30 Hr – Overview of AAA by Prof. Sekhar Pathak & Team PAHAR

    19:30Hr – Q&A and preparatory discussions//

  10. hari krishna


    i tried finding a ‘contact’ link on your website. i tried sending an email to membership@pahar also but that bounced back.

    i would be grateful if you could let me know about the cost involving the trip – the entire journey and daily – if any, and special equipment to carry (for the trek). i would like to join the padyatra, need some details please.

    looking forward to your response in my inbox at the soonest please.

    thank you

  11. Prabhat Khokhar

    Guys there is no registration and no fees, everything will be taken care of by people of uttrakhand. It’s kind of rule you can’t use money in this yatra. Also pack what you can carry daily on your back like toiletries, a pair of comfortable clothes, little money for travelling, phone charger etc just keep it light. And you can join as well leave at any point.

  12. Kamal Singh

    I am very keen to join and am Gurgaon based. May plug-in for the first week and then see how much and when I can rejoin etc.
    Am excited by the simplicity of approach and the commitment that is coming through …

  13. Risky Pathak

    Last week we had a preparatory meet headed by Dr. Shekhar Pathak.
    I am writing important points of that meet and it will definitely clear doubts of people joining this yatra

    1. This is not a PICNIC.

    2. If you have little pain about mountains and its life, then do join this Yatra.

    2. We will be visiting only residential places(villages).

    3. The spirit of this PadTatra is that we have to trek without any money. So reiterating ZERO money to be spend on trek. Just keep only that much amount in which you can return back from nearest motorable road.

    4. No Tents needed. We will be residing at some school or panchayat ghar of the Village. If that too is not available then we can spend night under open sky. Aint we?? 🙂

    5. There are few vertical yatras also to be held during this span. Those yatra allows usage of money, camps etc. So you can also join them.

    6. If on a given day, the people involved in yatra are more than a certain standard point. Then it can be devided into two parts who will be spending nights in different villages.

    7. We are the Volunteers and should be ready to take responsibilities of our specialised fields while interacting with people. So suppose you are a doctor, then you can give medical advice to villagers. If you are a teacher then you can give career counselling to student etc etc.

    8. The necessary items which you should carry a good pair of shoes, a sleeping bag, a raincoat.

    Please visit https://www.facebook.com/askotarakot.abhiyan to get any updates

  14. Bhartendu Joshi
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