Prepratory meeting for Askot Arakot Abhiyan 2014 at Delhi

askot-arakot-abhiyan-logoPAHAR is organising the 5th Askort Arakot Abhiyan, starting 25th of May 2014 from Pangu (Pithoragarh). This is a 45 days long trek and going to be tough this time due to the fact that, we would be going through the areas, which got devastated in June 2013 floods in Uttarakhand. So, there are queries from different walks of life and people willing to participate with us have queries and curiosities before firming up their plans. So, it would give us a good opportunity to prepare and plan for a manageable and safe trek/Abhiyan.
We are going to meet at the India International Centre (IIC) for an over-view of AAA 2014 on coming Friday, as per the following schedule
Date  May 02, 2014 (Friday)
Time  06:00-08:00 PM
Venue Conference Room  – 1 (Above Library) Main building
Agenda 18:00 Hr – Registration for participation
               18:30 Hr – Overview of AAA by Prof. Sekhar Pathak & Team PAHAR
                19:30Hr – Q&A and preparatory discussions
You may kindly send in your queries in advance and make it convenient to join.


3 responses to “Prepratory meeting for Askot Arakot Abhiyan 2014 at Delhi”

  1. Raj

    hello i could not join yesterdays meeting as i wasnt in town. Is there anybody who is still in delhi and can spare some time tomorrow?i mean on sunday, 4th of may, 2014? I wish to join but i think its better to interact and know the the people who would be going from delhi..we all can move together if we have a fixed date.

  2. Devendra K

    This is not an excursion…….it is a pilgrimage

  3. Raj

    Its not necessary to go alone in a pilgrimage.

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