5 responses to “Askot Aarakot Abhiyan”

  1. Anil Kumar

    How to contact for the Yatra ?

  2. Frequently Asked Questions on AAA

    […] people are asking about the Askot-Arakot-Abhiyan. In order to help them this FAQ is […]

  3. anya

    Really Appreciated Sir…

  4. Dr Hemant Sant MS

    Wonderful..I found First Family of Himalayas Rishi Jandagni Renuka his intercaste spouse who spread the first two Civic Humane anti animistic rule of Living for all Lagna no multiple partners but One & Yagna –Share resources & Live survive .Their son Parshuram .Their temples under various local names all over ..eg Jamlu of malana kullu or Tosh at parwati valley ..or Thaan village Yamnotri road ..

  5. दास्तान-ए-हिमालय: पर्यावरण के साथ हिमालय के समाज और इतिहास का झरोखा - कार्बन कॉपी

    […] जमा होता गया। पाठक पिछले पांच दशकों अस्कोट-आराकोट यात्रा (यह यात्रा 1974 से लगातार हो रही है और हर 10 […]

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