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Lonely Furrows of the Borderland

English translation of The Folk-Songs of Johar (Kumaon) with original songs and Introduction by D. N. Mazumdar. Mr. Kalyan Singh Pangtey was born on 10th December 1920 at Nanasem village of Munsyari (Pithoragarh). He was educated in Johar, Almora, Nainital and Lucknow. He was taught and inspired by Professor D. N. Majumdar in Lucknow University. […]

Forest History of the Mountain Regions of the World

Proceedings of International Seminar on the Forest History of the Mountain Regions on the World. [9th to 16th October, 2001, Nainital] Collection of articles on the forest history of the different mountain regions of the planet.

High Dams In The Himalaya

Environmental and Socio-cultural Implications Study of Environmental and Socio-cultural impact due to the building of high dams in the Himalaya.

The Future Of Large Projects In The Himalaya

Overcoming Incomplete Knowledge and Unsound Beliefs A brief study of fragility of Himalaya with Alaknanda flood (1970) , Chipko movement and future of large projects in Himalayas.

Halat-e-Hindustan Book Cover

हालात – ए – हिन्दुस्तान

Contemporary environmental history of India. Original English Title is Ecology and Equity : The use and Abuse of Nature in contemporary India (1995) Original Author(s):Madhav Gadgil. Madhav is a renowned ecologist and is working as professor in Indian Institute of Science Banglore India. Ramachandra Guha is a renowned social,environmental, and cricket historian. The New York […]

Chhod Gulami Khitab by Gaurda

छोड़ो गुलामी खिताब

Chhod Gulami Khitab by Gaurda
Chhod Gulami Khitab by Gaurda

Selected hindi and kumaoni poems of renowned nationalist poet of uttarakhand Guari Dutt Pandey “Gaurda.(1872-1939). Introduced, edited, and translated by Charu Chandra Pandey.

एशिया की पीठ पर - कवर पेज

एशिया की पीठ पर – पंडित नैन सिंह रावत, जीवन अन्वेषण तथा लेखन

Life, exploration and writings of great 19th century explorer Pundit Nain Singh Rawat (1830-1895). With three of his original hindustani diaries, one book “akhsanya darpan” and three long reports published in the journal of royal geographical society London with photographs paintings and rare maps.

The Himalayan World-book-cover

The Himalayan World: Jewel in the Lotus:Past and Future

11th Rahul Sankrityayan Memorial Lecture Orgnaised by PAHAR in Nainital on 7th November 2005.

Tradition and Innovation in the History of Iron Making-Front-Cover

Tradition and Innovation in the History of Iron Making – An Indo European Perspective

This is an interesting volume, which examines a very important issue, which lies at the core of history of economic development. It includes within its ambit not only the process of iron making in India and Sweden, but has taken into account the broad trends prevailing elsewhere in the world. The special feature of this […]

Cover Page of PAHAR 14-15


This edition is devoted to the experiences of different participants of Askot – Arakot Abhiyaan’s of 1974, 84, 94, 2004 and other study tours. This is special volume for knowing the journey of Himalayan region in last 3-4 decades from the lenses of Travellers.

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