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The Boy from Lambata

Memoirs of a Combat Cameraman and Documentary-Maker There was a child of the mountains, a peasant boy, who joined the Army, to go to war and win gallantry awards. But being literate, fate and destiny had something else in store. He became a teacher in uniform and drifted into the exciting world of mass communication.

कुमाॐ के ग्राम नाम

Historical account of place – names (nomenclature) in Kumaon.

Kalpana Pant is a lecturer of Hindi at Government P G College Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

Chhod Gulami Khitab by Gaurda

छोड़ो गुलामी खिताब

Chhod Gulami Khitab by Gaurda
Chhod Gulami Khitab by Gaurda

Selected hindi and kumaoni poems of renowned nationalist poet of uttarakhand Guari Dutt Pandey “Gaurda.(1872-1939). Introduced, edited, and translated by Charu Chandra Pandey.