उत्तराखण्ड काव्य

Long poem related generally with social movements of Uttarakhand and specially with the Uttarakhand state movement.

Girish Tiwari “Girda” is a famous poet, dramatist and cultural activist of Uttarakhand and also an active member of pahar editorial team.

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4 responses to “उत्तराखण्ड काव्य”

  1. Vijay Rawat

    i want to buy this book. please let me know how can i get this.

  2. Rabindro

    Sir, can I please have a copy of this book, if available? Please comment back if a copy is available, I will send the address and the amount, including the courier cost.

  3. Kavita Rawat

    I’m postgraduate student of Ambedkar University Delhi and I’m working on the poems of Girish Tiwari for my dissertation. Could you help me in getting a copy of Uttarakhand Kavya? It’s kind of urgent. I’m also fine with e-copy or PDF. It would be of great help for my research. Thank you.
    If any leads please contact to this email id- kavita.7611@gmail.com

  4. lalit rajwar

    मुझे ये बुक कहा से मिलेगी

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