एशिया की पीठ पर – पंडित नैन सिंह रावत, जीवन अन्वेषण तथा लेखन

एशिया की पीठ पर - कवर पेज

Asia ki Peeth Par Pandit Nain Singh Rawat Jeewan, Anwesan tatha Lekhan by Uma Bhatt and Shekhar Pathak

Life, exploration and writings of great 19th century explorer Pundit Nain Singh Rawat (1830-1895). With three of his original hindustani diaries, one book “akhsanya darpan” and three long reports published in the journal of royal geographical society London with photographs paintings and rare maps.

Asia Kee Peeth Par: Presenting to Chandi Prasad Bhatt

Asia Kee Peeth Par :Uma Bhatt and Shekhar Pathak

Asia Kee Peeth Par :Uma Bhatt and Shekhar Pathak

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  1. Tenzing lhundup

    How can I obtain this book in Nepal. Please do let me know

  2. rishika

    how can I get pdf for asia ki peeth par

  3. Tenzing Lhundup

    Where can I buy this book in HP ? Or in Delhi.

  4. Shweta BAHIRAT

    Hello, I have been trying to get in touch with Pahar for the purchase of all the three volumnes of “Asia Ki Peeth Par”, can you please send us your contact details.


    I want to get this book in Ahmadabad


    I want to purchase / get this book “Asia ki Peeth Par” in Ahmadabad, kindly suggest please

  7. saumya sharma

    I want to purchase this book. I am located in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. Can you please guide me regarding this. Thanks.

  8. Mrs.Ratnadeep Pal

    Where can i get this book,in book or pdf form, in Dehradun?Is it also available in English

  9. pcchanyal

    nice work it is useful for every discipline of scholars.

  10. Csp

    What a shame. People are trying to buy this book and nobody cares to reply

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